Studentenvereniging Maastricht

Hey! We are Gigi, Anne, Lea and Hansje, together with a number of other girls we form a year club within Saurus called, Paproeika!

What does a year club at Saurus mean? 
For us, a year club is a group of friends with whom you spend a lot of time inside and outside of Saurus. Within Saurus, we can be found both on the water and at the Saurus bar. In the afternoon we often train for the rowing competitions (which unfortunately did not take place this year) and in the evenings we drink some beers at the bar, or join one of the many parties at Saurus. We also regularly meet outside of Saurus to have a nice dinner together, have a drink, go to a club in the city centre or study hard for those terrible exam weeks. It is a lot more fun together!

How do you keep yourself active during these times? 
We are a rather international year club, but we still manage to keep seeing each other. We try to keep in touch as much as possible via Zoom, Skype or House party. Getting together is a bit difficult at the moment, with someone in Germany and another in Australia. We are all very competitive and try to participate actively in all kinds of alternative activities that are organised by Saurus and other student-rowing associations in the Netherlands. And since our Gigi is in a completely different time zone which makes facetiming more difficult, we send each other enough tiktoks to have some fun!

Studentenvereniging Maastricht

How did you experience the first year? 
The first year at Saurus went by so fast. Unfortunately, we missed many of the fun activities that were planned to be in the spring and early summer, but that did not have any negative effects on our Saurus experience. We got to know each other and so many other wonderful and different people at Saurus. We really experienced the rowing as a “bonding experience”, even though we were not always successful in it. Normally, you never learn a completely new sport together and we really enjoyed it.

You do not only get to know the members of your year club really well, but will get to know all members from your year through the activities that are organized at the beginning of your membership. You can always start a nice conversation with everyone, because you always have something in common.

Do you have any plans for the future within Saurus?
In any case, we still have a competition season to make up for! Next year we will all get in the boat together, hangover or not, and will try to start and finish a very nice competition season.

We are really looking forward to our dinners and going crazy together in Complex, but are just as much looking forward to seeing the rest of the association again. Eating and partying with the other year clubs, studying together and having fun game nights that end up in the Saurus bar. We want to enjoy socializing and cheer for Saurus during the many competitions next year, and maybe win one of them! Some of us will be extra active in a few committees next year, others want to continue with race rowing. In any case, we are going to have a great second year!