Inkom Maastricht

Hi! My name is Kjel, the most dreaded question from every tutorial: “Can you tell something about yourself?”

After five years of studying in Maastricht, I have had to answer that question many times. The obvious points are often addressed. After two years of studying medicine in Utrecht, I packed my things and went to study psychology in Maastricht, the sunny south. I have been living near the cinema Euroscoop for a few years now. The smell of fresh popcorn I smell when I cycle down the street, makes me happy, even at the age of 25. I would describe myself as a person of extremes. If I have to do something only partly, I would rather not start. Whether it is partying until the early mornings, or exercising every day of the week, I will give everything I got.

The reason I joined Saurus wasStudentenvereniging Maastricht the urge for parties. Obviously, all student associations in Maastricht offer beer, but I always saw myself as a sporty person. Slogans such as “biertje zonder buikje” (beer without a belly) and “de kracht van de combinatie” (the power of the combination), therefore certainly attracted my attention. When the last for registration arose on Friday in the MECC, it was about time to go to the registration table.

I had no doubts about certain obligations at the time of registration. I just went with it and chose for myself what part of Saurus attracted me the most. It was only at the first general meeting in the beautiful Sint Jans church, that it became clear what a membership of Saurus entailed. As a freshmen it seems like a gigantic pil of information is sent your way and then you even have to tie your own Saurus-tie. But, just like with the tie, a little help from senior members is all it takes to bring some clarity.

Studentenvereniging MaastrichtIt is a huge cliché to say, but to choose a single moment in all those years that stands out above the rest, is merely impossible. Things that come close are: finding a close group of friends with whom I have share a lot of great experiences, an intense season of race rowing, but also the Monday evenings during the winter where I stood behind the bar and enjoyed the evening with a select group of people, until the early mornings.

As mentioned before, I give the full 100% or rather noting at all. When I stood at the registration table, I had checked all the possible boxes of interests within Saurus, to the surprise of the person at the table. In the end, I experienced all the possibilities at Saurus. In my first year, I joined Sunergos (one of the faternities at Saurus), the beforementioned group of friends who taught me a lot and with whom I experienced some unforgettable moments. In my second year, I decided to do something in return for the association. I said “Yes, sure” to every committee that approached me to participate.

In that year, I stood behind the bar of SStudentenvereniging Maastrichtaurus, organised the brothers- and sisters day and parents day, but also contributed to the lustrum year. In my third year, I decided to do something different than partying and travelled with three big guys and a female coxswain all over the Netherlands to compete in all the rowing competitions. In general, 1.91 is not small, but I often had to look up when greeting our opponents.

In the near future, I will focus a little more on finishing my studies and take a step back in my Saurus career. My time at Saurus has almost come to an end, but yours will probably start now. Enjoy you student days because these are the ‘good old days’ that you will remember for your entire life.