Inkom Maastricht

My name is Fleur, 21 years old and I am currently in my 3rd year of medicine. I am originally from Zeist, but I have lived in Maastricht for almost three years.

The start of my student life was a little differentStudentenvereniging Maastricht than that of most students in Maastricht. I was only told that I had been admitted to medicine two weeks before the start of the academic year. Therefore, I did not have the opportunity to participate in the INKOM. Just like many first-year students upcoming summer, I could not really use the INKOM in order to get a full impression of the student life in Maastricht. To find out more about the student life, I spoke to some friends who had already studied in Maastricht. I moved to a city relatively far away from my parents’ home and wanted to become a member of a student association to build a social life in Maastricht.

In the end, I made a choice to become a member of Saurus. It particularly appealed to me that Saurus had a sports culture in combination with bar nights and parties. That so-called “power of the combination” is something that got me very excited.

Of course I had certain doubts beforehand: how to combine a student association with my first year of study. Will I still be able to keep track of my studies? And is rowing something for me?

Studentenvereniging Maastricht

But all these doubts quickly disappeared in the frist weeks of my membership. I became acquainted with the rowing and discovered that the seat in the front of the boat, as a coxswain, suited me better than a rowing seat. I formed a year club, got to know the sororities of Saurus and became a member of M.D.G. Nynève. All these things combined made my first year a success. Serious trainings and competitions with my rowing team and at the same escalating in the city with Nynève. And I still managed to successfully complete my first year of medicine.

In my second year, I was part of a committee in which I contributed to the organisation of a rowing event for over 1,500 persons and continued as a coach of a rowing team. Currently, I am active in multiple committees and within Nynève.

Looking back at my three years at Saurus. I see the number of friends I have made and the things I have learned. How to coach a group of boys in the boat, how to get in touch with professional companies and most important of all: how to make sure you always have a good time.

Next year, I will become part of the board of Saurus and will thus be able to contribute to the wonderful association.

Hopefully I will see you soon to visit our association at Bosscherweg 24!