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The Power of combination

Saurus is known to be a student association with many opportunities. Within a few months you can become a top athlete, after which you will complete your rowing season with the most legendary parties. Are you not interested in a top sport life, but still curious about the number one student sport in the Netherlands, don’t worry. Saurus facilitates rowing on all possible levels. Together with the other rowing associations in the Netherlands you can competein many competition weekends where student parties and a beer go hand-in-hand with rowing. Finally, in addition to rowing, you may also find your place within the association in the many committees, yearclubs, or fraternities and sororities that Saurus has to offer.


Are you interested in sports and looking for a new challenge? Do you have the courage to push your limits? Then race rowing is something for you!

As a race rower within Saurus you are allowed to use the best equipment we own and will be guided by experienced coaches. If you indicate your interest in race rowing, you will receive extra guidance in the first weeks of your membership to discover your potential as a rower. The selection for the first-year teams will then start at the end of October. All first-year teams are presented a month later. In the coming months you will spend a lot of time with your fellow rowers in this team and form a close bond. This will not only make you row faster, but enables you to form friendships that will last for the rest of your life.

In the months after the selection, your team and the coaches will do whatever it takes to perform as well as possible in the national rowing competitions. From February onwards, you and your teammates will compete for the honour of Saurus on the national waters. You will watch your diet and make sure that you get enough sleep. Because you are involved in top sport, you will become extremely fit and get to know your body better than ever before. In short, your life will become rather structured, which will have a positive effect on your studies as well.

If it turns out that rowing suits you and you decide to continue after your first year, it is possible to receive an invitation to join the national team or to row at an international competition in two years. Within three years you might competeat a world cup. This is shown by the fact that almost all rowers from the Dutch national team stepped in a rowing boat for the first time at their student rowing association.


Is rowing at a top sport level slightly too much for you? Would you like to row, but are you hesitant to give up the partying? Then recreational rowing might be something for you!

Recreational rowing is the unique combination between rowing and student life. For every level of rowing there are competitions that match you and your team. Whether you want to row rather fanatically several times a week and start as many races as possible, or you prefer recreational rowing where fun comes first,Saurus supports competition rowing on every level!

In the autumn you will form you year club with whom you will regularly start national competitions as from March. These competition are characterised by legendary parties that are organized every rowing weekend, each time hosted by a different rowing association. At these weekends and parties you get to know rowers and their associations from all over the Netherlands. Because you sport, but at the same time party as well, competition rowing is the ideal combination to stay fit and enjoy your student time.


Saurus has a large number of committees in which many members are active. Most committees support a board member or have a specific or temporary purpose, such as organizing rowing competitions, parties and other activities. Additionally, the committees support the members in their passions and help members to enhance their organisational skills. For example, the SIRcie organizes a national competition with close to 1.000 participants every year. TheFotoCie is a first step for everyone with a passion for photography, the Soccie regulates the bar nights twice a week and our MatCie executes weekly reparations to the boats to ensure that our fleet can be used optimally.


Within Saurus, members also have the opportunity to join a sorority or fraternity. A sorority or fraternity consists of a group of women or men, that regularly participates in activities and drinks together, either in the company of their own group, or with other sororities or fraternities in the Netherlands. At the moment, Saurus has two sororities, M.D.G. Nynève and M.D.G. Linque, and two fraternities: M.H.G. Librium and H.G. Sunergos.

In addition to the four fraternities and sororites, Saurus has an all-male “Verticaal”, M.H.V. Viramitas and an all-female “Verticaal”, M.D.V. Vivaeda. Every year, a new year club joins the existing group. Like the fraternities and sororities, a “Verticaal” participates in various activities and drinks with other “Verticalen”. sororitites or fraternities.

The sororities, fraternities and “Verticalen” of Saurus annually help the responsible committee with the organisation of the Disputen Roeidag. On this day, sororities and fraternities from all over Maastricht participate in a small rowing competition, for which they have trained in the weeks previous to the event under the guidance of a large group of enthusiastic members. On this day, the students of Maastricht come closer together at the Saurus boathouse to support their rowing crew. In addition to the competitive element, there are many side activities, where a significant amount of beer plays a rather large part.

Your first year

Your Saurus adventure will begin at the introduction camp where you will create unforgettable memories with your fellow introduction members and get to know the association a little better. Here you get to know your intro team, a group of boys or girls with whom you will spend a lot of time during the first weeks of your membership. With them you will make the first strokes in the boat, coached by a group of senior Sauriërs. By learning new techniques every week, you will gradually master rowing.

If not, don’t worry! There are plenty of other activities organised during the first period on Saurus. Every Monday and Thursday there are bar nights at the boathouse. Prior to these evenings of good conversations and fun, a meal will be provided by the Mensa Committee. One of the first bar nights of the year will be a summer barbecue to start off the year right. The inauguration will take place within a few weeks. During this evening in the Sint Jans church at the Vrijthof, you will officially become a member of our beautiful association and obtain your association tie or choker.

After six weeks, the “introsprints” will take place, a race at Saurus against the other intro teams, in which a speed ranking is formed between all male and female intro teams on Saurus. Meanwhile, all evenings at which you got to know the association a little better have passed and finally it is time for legendary “fitness outfits” party, where sporty and hilarious outfits are shown every year. Definitely an evening to remember!

For those who fall in love with rowing or just want to keep exercising, there is the ARP, the Active Rowing Period. Here you will learn even more about rowing under the guidance of experienced coaches and get to know even more friends. If you complete this Active Rowing Period, there is an option to be selection for race rowing. In addition to race rowing, there is also the option to opt for recreational rowing with your year club, or within a TopC4+ team. The TopC4+ teams are the best men and women team of the recreational rowing teams on Saurus. Regardless of whether you choose for race rowing, or recreational rowing, you will eventually compete for the honour of Saurus during one of the many rowing competitions in the Netherlands.

In order to perform to the best of your potential, several training camps are organised for our rowing teams within the Netherlands and abroad, prior to the start of the rowing season. While for the race rowers such a training camp is all about practicing a race and learning technical points, the legendary parties on Saturday evening probably will be the highlight for the recreational rowers.

Suppose you do not feel like rowing (yet), then there are plenty of other things you can do at Saurus. You can join one of the many committees. The Photo Committee ensures that all activities and exciting competitions are immortalized, the Activity committee organises parties for Saurus members and the Material committee takes care of the boat maintenance and other reparations. In addition, there are over 25 other committees that you can join, which means that there is a committee for everyone.

Mees Warmerdam, year 2019-2020

Studentenvereniging Maastricht

Curious about the experience of one of our year clubs?

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I signed up online. What will happen next?2020-08-14T18:05:38+02:00

After you are registered as a member, you will receive an email with information about the start of your membership. Did you register as a member, but did not receive an email. Please contact the board (

We aim to get everyone in touch with their introteam as soon as possible, so everyone can start rowing and is already in the opportunity to get to know some of our members. During this day at Saurus you will receive more information about the association and the first few months as a member.


How does Corona affect my membership at Saurus?2020-06-26T14:38:19+02:00

Due to the Corona virus we unfortunately had to close our building on the 12th of March. This did not mean that our association had stopped. Within a few weeks, several online activities where organised by our members, gym equipment was delivered at the houses of our race rowers and our committee meetings took place online. After two months Saurus could partially open her doors again. As from May 11th our members were allowed to row in single sculls. As from June 15th is was possible to row with other people from the same household and as from 1st of July our members are allowed to row without further restrictions. As of this date, our building is open for all our members who regularly meet again at our bar, or on our terrace.

Do you have any further questions with regard to your membership at Saurus in times of Corona? Please send an email to

I am looking for a room in Maastricht. Can you help me?2020-06-09T10:27:44+02:00

Saurus has a large number of association houses. If you are interested in a room in a Saurus house, you can contact Please not that success is not guaranteed. Rooms are often filled very quickly. Also, if you are interested in a room in Maastricht, but are not in the possibility to physically visit this room, you may also send an email. Perhaps we can help you with this. In the summer, Saurus also offers a moving aid. For more information, send an email to

What does a Saurus membership cost?2020-08-14T18:08:19+02:00

As with any association, you pay a monthly contribution fee at Saurus. For the year 2020-2021 this contribution is €17,41.

Are there any obligations attached to my membership at Saurus?2020-06-04T13:06:09+02:00

In order to learn the basics of rowing, you will be rowing at least once a week during the first six weeks of your membership. After those weeks you are completely free to quit the rowing aspect of Saurus and explore the other options of the association. The only obligation as a freshman is a rather small working shift around four times during your first year. Through these services you support the association (and get to know new people) by helping to cook dinner during a mensa, or help out at our bar nights.


Can Saurus be combined with your studies?2020-05-31T18:19:28+02:00

Your study remains the priority at Saurus. After all, this is the reason you came to Maastricht in the first place. That is why Saurus facilitates study places during the day within her building inthe weeks prior to the exams, in order to optimally prepare her members for the exams. Additionally, it has proved that the structured life of a race rower benefits your study. Finally, like many other student associations, you will get to know new people through Saurus who may be able to help you further during your studies in Maastricht and your further career.

I would like to row on a top sport level. How can I achieve this?2020-05-31T18:18:43+02:00

If you are interested in race rowing, you can indicate this on your registration form. During the first weeks of your membership, you will end up in a trajectory for competitive rowers. During this period you will work hard on your level of fitness and you will be guided by experienced coaches. After six weeks you will have the opportunity to join the selections for the first-year teams.

Is it a problem if I want to participate in race rowing, but do not yet have a history of active participation in sports?2020-05-31T18:17:59+02:00

The unique thing about rowing is that usually people start rowing once they have joined a student association. A high level of sports in the past does have its advantages, but it does not have to be decisive as everyone starts rowing at the same level. There are many examples of rowers with no significant sports experience whocompete in the top of their field after one or two years.

Can you do anything besides rowing at Saurus?2020-06-04T13:07:28+02:00

Rowing forms a big part of the association. In order to teach everyone the basic principles of rowing, you are excepted to row at least once a week in the first six weeks of your membership. After this, you are completely free to put rowing aside and switch to a different direction in the association. You can become a member of a committee, sorority, fraternity or “Verticaal”. However, it is always possible to combine rowing with these social aspects.


What is the difference between Saurus and the other studentassociations in Maastricht?2020-05-31T18:16:40+02:00

Saurus is a student sport association. It has all aspects of a student association: sororities, fraternities, “Verticalen”, committees, houses, parties, you name it. In addition, the association is actively engaged in rowing, the number one student sport in the Netherlands.

*Disclaimer: Maastricht introduction week, the INKOM, is organised by Workgroup INKOM in the name of Maastricht University and Zuyd Hogeschool ( Workgroup INKOM is responsible for the whole INKOM program. Workgroup INKOM and M.S.R.V. Saurus are cooperating to make this week a success.


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