Saurus in a nutshell

With over 400 members, more than 40 years of history, and its own boathouse at the Zuid-Willemsvaart, Saurus is the association that wants to turn students’ lives into unforgettable experiences. Whether it’s at top sports level every day, or only when the weather is good, rowing is always happening at Saurus. Rowing is the ultimate student sport, and fitness equipment and a boathouse full of boats is available to anyone at Saurus who wants to try their hand at rowing. Withing just a few years, you can grow from being a novice rower to competing in the international top. Besides being a sports association, Saurus is also a student association. With our rich culture, beautiful pub inside our own building, sororities and fraternities, and teams and committees, Saurus has it all.

Do you want to turn your student life into the best time of your life? Do you want to combine sports and partying? Seize this opportunity and come row at Saurus! Saurus gives all its members the chance to gain a wide range of experiences in addition to their studies and rowing:

  • Write articles for our association magazine “De Doldruk”.
  •      Integrate into Maastricht student life as part of one of our sororities or fraternities.
  •           Represent Saurus at rowing competitions throughout the whole country.
  •           Bring love to the association: fill the members' stomachs with good food in the Mensa committee.
  •           Bring your family to Maastricht on our Brothers & Sisters- or Parents' Day.
  •           Learn to sand, saw, glue, screw and maintain the rowing boats.
  •           Become a board member of Saurus for a year and gain experience as a manager.
  •           Do your thing, be yourself and make Saurus the most beautiful association of the Netherlands!

Even outside of our association, Saurus members are known to contribute through things like organising the INKOM* or joining university councils.

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*DISCLAIMER (EN) - Maastricht introduction week, the INKOM, is organised by Workgroup INKOM in the name of Maastricht University and Zuyd Hogeschool ( Workgroup INKOM is responsible for the whole INKOM program. Workgroup INKOM and Maastrichtse Studenten Roeivereniging Saurus are cooperating to make this week a success.



Rowing is the ultimate student sport in the Netherlands: almost every student city has at least one student rowing association. It is also one of the very few sports where its not uncommon to reach high levels in a short amount of time. Many Olympic rowers only started rowing as a student. At Saurus, you can row at two different levels: race rowing or competitive rowing. In race rowing the focus is on performing well at top sport levels. In competitive rowing the focus is on combining both sports and partying. You can also coach a team from the side of the water, or you can cox your team to victory from the coxing position!


Race rowing

Do you want to challenge yourself? Do you dare to explore and push your limits? Are you ready for a year of absolute top sport in which you will compete for the honour of Saurus with your team? Then race rowing is something for you! 

As a race rower at Saurus you will be coached and supervised by experienced coaches, you will participate in national and international races on behalf of Saurus and Maastricht University, and you will constantly be working on improving yourself and getting the best out of yourself. You are exercising at the highest level possible.

As a race rower, you will immediately compete at national level against other teams. It is a test of strength on water where you demand the utmost of yourself and your team. Besides the fact that race rowing is a great challenge that will certainly enrich your student days, rowing gives you the unique opportunity to achieve a lot in a short time. Starting in your student days and winning silver at the Olympics seven year later? It’s possible: will you follow in Daniël Mensch’s footsteps?


Competitive rowing

Do you want to row, but are you not ready to give up partying just yet? Then competitive rowing is the ideal solution: the perfect combination between rowing and partying! Who doesn’t want that?

Competitive rowing is done in a team of around eight rowers and two coaches. You learn to row in a C4+; a boat with four rowers and a cox. During the year your coaches will help you with rowing technique, but also take care of extra fun during races and parties. Throughout the Netherlands, all the student rowing associations have competitive rowing teams and organize races. At each race the weekend is followed by a party, where you can meet other rowers and their associations. In short, the perfect combination to stay fit during your student time!