Sunday 20th of August

20:30-02:00 Pre-drinks at the Saurus-Bar. Get in the INKOM-spirit and join us at Saurus for drinks at our bar. Are you looking for a place to sleep? Send us an email at and on this night we’ll introduce you to your host and you can get to know each other over a beer. Location: [...]

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Monday 20th of August

       16:30-19:00 Dinner of Choice. Get your unlimited hamburgers at Saurus (Bosscherweg 24) and enjoy the sun, water and rowing sport. 19:00-23:00 INKOM opening. Celebrate the official start of the INKOM together with Saurus and many others on the Markt in the city centre. 23:00-? Saurus after-opening party. Start the INKOM with a bang [...]

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Tuesday 20th of August

14:30-19:00 The Festival: Get to know the other side of Saurus and show your athletic capabilities on our rowing machines. Have a chat with our members to get to know them and our association. Location: Stadspark 22:00-03:00 MECC Tuesday. Join us for the first large MECC party. After a day of working out in the Stadspark you’ll see [...]

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Thursday 22nd of August

23:00-05:00 Saurus Open Party: A day of rowing wouldn’t be a proper  Saurus-day without ending it with a great party. At our Open Party you’ll be able to enjoy multiple DJs. Show us you can rave in the boat and the club. Location: Muziekgieterij, Boschstraat 7, 6211 AS Maastricht  

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Wednesday 22nd of August

12:30-16:30 SportsEvent: Enjoy our ripped rowers during their trial on the rowing machines, and join them for a quick lesson, who knows, maybe you’ll beat them?! Location: the Griend 20:00-23:00 Cantus (18+): Join the nightingales of Saurus for a beer-fueled mega-rave singalong. Don’t miss out on these activities as they perfectly encapsulate what makes Saurus so great) [...]

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Friday 23rd of August

17:00-19:00 Activities of choice: Rowing clinic. Always wanted to give rowing a try? Join us at our boathouse and bar on the South Willem’s Canal to take your first strokes. Guided by our coaches you’ll be introduced to rowing. Furthermore, we’ll be giving tours through our boathouse. Rowing isn’t the only fun thing to do [...]

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