I signed up online. What will happen next?

After you are registered as a member, you will receive an email with information about the start of your membership. Did you register as a member, but did not receive an email. Please contact the board (bestuur@msrvsaurus.nl). We aim to get everyone in touch with their introteam as soon as possible, so everyone can start [...]

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How does Corona affect my membership at Saurus?

Due to the Corona virus we unfortunately had to close our building on the 12th of March. This did not mean that our association had stopped. Within a few weeks, several online activities where organised by our members, gym equipment was delivered at the houses of our race rowers and our committee meetings took place [...]

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Wat voor een gevolgen heeft Corona op een lidmaatschap bij Saurus?

Op 12 maart hebben wij ons gebouw helaas moeten sluiten. Dit betekende echter niet dat het verenigingsleven ook volledig stil kwam te liggen. Al snel werden er allerlei online activiteiten georganiseerd, werden de ergometers bij onze wedstrijdroeiers thuis geplaatst en gingen de vergaderingen gewoon door via de digitale weg. Na een kleine twee maanden kon [...]

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Can Saurus be combined with your studies?

Your study remains the priority at Saurus. After all, this is the reason you came to Maastricht in the first place. That is why Saurus facilitates study places during the day within her building inthe weeks prior to the exams, in order to optimally prepare her members for the exams. Additionally, it has proved that [...]

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Is it a problem if I want to participate in race rowing, but do not yet have a history of active participation in sports?

The unique thing about rowing is that usually people start rowing once they have joined a student association. A high level of sports in the past does have its advantages, but it does not have to be decisive as everyone starts rowing at the same level. There are many examples of rowers with no significant [...]

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Can you do anything besides rowing at Saurus?

Rowing forms a big part of the association. In order to teach everyone the basic principles of rowing, you are excepted to row at least once a week in the first six weeks of your membership. After this, you are completely free to put rowing aside and switch to a different direction in the association. [...]

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