Er mag geroeid worden maar er gelden beperkingen


M.S.R.V. Saurus is the student rowing club in Maastricht and the largest student sports association. Almost 400 members row, eat, drink and organise activities at our boathouse, a 5 minute bicycle ride outside of Maastricht. Our brand new boathouse (opened in summer 2011) has a fitness room, changing rooms with hot showers, a large boathouse for almost 50 rowing boats of all types and sizes, a meeting room for video analysis, and our very own pub! Around 18% of our freshmen are international, which means that Saurus offers students a unique opportunity to learn Dutch, experience Dutch student life and row with Dutch and international students!

Rowing at Saurus can be done at all possible levels, from training a twice a week and competing at competition level, to training 5 to 8 times a week and reaching for the top at the national level of race rowing. In the Netherlands, rowing as a student sport is very big and most people start rowing when they go to university. Also people with rowing experience will find a team of their level at Saurus. Below, you can read more about rowing at Saurus!

Are you interested in rowing at Saurus? We organise introduction periods for new members in September and in the spring. During these introduction periods, you will learn to row with your intro team, learn about Saurus and its committees, sororities and fraternities, and of course enjoy the parties at our pub! After a few weeks, you will have your first rowing race in Amsterdam where you will compete against teams from all over the country. If you’re interested in joining Saurus, coming by our boathouse, or if you want more information about rowing at Saurus, send an email to
Rowing at Saurus can be done at different levels. Around 10% of our members are race rowers, which means that they practice 6-9 times a week and compete at the highest national level. The majority of Saurus members (90%) are so-called competition rowers and practise 1-4 times a week, depending on you and your teammates.

Race rowing
Freshmen race rowers are split up in three different crews. Ladies, light men (below 72,5 kilos) and heavy men (above 72,5 kilos). Throughout your first year, you will row in a so-called “coxed eight” – meaning eight rowers and a coxwain to steer the boat – and you will be trained by professional and experienced coaches from Saurus. After you have been selected for a team, you will start preparing for the race season, building up a total of up to eight training sessions per week! The season is split up in long distance (5 to 8km) and normal races (2km). At these races, you compete on national level against selections from other student rowing associations from dutch cities such as Amsterdam, Utrecht, Groningen and Delft, sometimes even a national team!
All these teams have one mission: winning. When becoming a race rower, you compete on a national level instantly. Even when your past experience in rowing is very little, race rowing provides you with great opportunities. Within a relatively short period of time, you have a chance to reach the national top. Saurus has brought up a few rowers who made it that far. Our best known rower is Daniël Mensch, who was a member of the Holland Acht III, and won silver at the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens!

It is very possible to combine race rowing with your studies. Due to your healthy lifestyle and good discipline, it will be easier to focus on studying. Race rowing is a great challenge and definitely contributes to a great student life!

Competition rowing

Do you feel that race rowing might be too much of a challenge for you? Are you afraid that you can not combine it with your studies or life at home? Competition rowing might be a great alternative. All student rowing associations facilitate competition rowing, and so does Saurus. Competition rowing takes place on a lower level than race rowing, which means that it provides a great leisure opportunity, for which you do not have to quit alcohol for half a year. A team consist of approximately four to eight rowers and two coaches. You learn to row in a boat called a “C4+”, a stable boat, together with all other competition rowers in the Netherlands. Your coaches will guide you and ensure that you improve your technique and stamina.
The competitions in which you will take part during your first year, will bring you to Tilburg, Amsterdam, Groningen, Delft and Enschede. The competitons are always organized in a weekend, in which the hosting student associations will organize a great party, which is fun to attend with your team and coaches.
When you are thinking about becoming a race rower in the next season, or when you are looking for a greater challenge, you can join the talent group at the end of the season. With this group, you will row in an 8+ and start the last race of the race-rowing season. After your first year, there are many other ways to keep competing at national competitions. In short, competition rowing is a great addition to your student life!
Are you interested in joining Saurus at our spring introduction?
Do you want to come by our boathouse and check it out?
Would you like more information about rowing at Saurus?
Send an email to or come by our boathouse between 09:00am and 10:00pm Monday to Friday.

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